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transboundary participation according to Section 59 para. 1 Environmental Impact Assessment Act on the transboundary environmental impact assessment regarding a planned offshore windfarm “Kapheira” in Sweden´s exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea

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The Swedish EnvironmentalProtection Agency notified Germany that Zephyr Baltic Offshore AB plans to apply for permit to construct and operate the offshore wind farm ‘Kapheira” in Swedish exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The Kapheira wind farm is planned to be located between Gotland and the Swedish mainland, within the Swedish exclusive economic zone. The project area covers 486 km2. The closest distance is 24 km from the north-western coastline of Gotland. The wind farm is planned to have a maximum of 143 wind turbines with a maximum total height of 370 meters above sea level. The annual electricity production is estimated to approximately 9.5 TWh. All wind turbines will have floating foundations.The project involves the construction, operation, and decommissioning of a group station for windpower with associated internal cable network and internal grid.

Information on the planned project can be found from 28 March 2024 to 19 April 2024 on the BSH website at (Announcements).