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Initiation of the Offshore Site investigations for wind turbines for tendering in 2026 and 2027 for the German exclusive economic zone of the North Sea and Publication of the draft investigation framework for sites N-13.1, N-13.2 and N-6.8 (before N-21.1)

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On 16.11.2023, the BSH publicly announced the initiation of the preliminary site investigation of the sites N-13.1, N-13.2 and N-6.8 (before N-21.1) in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the North Sea for offshore wind farms.

The sites N-13.1 and N-13.2 are intended to definition by the Site Development Plan 2023. Sites N-13.1 and N-13.2 are to be put out to tender in 2026. Site N-6.8 is designated as site N-21.1 in the Site Development Plan 2023, but has now been renamed as part on update procedures in site N-6.8 in the preliminary draft of the Site Development Plan published on 1 September 2023. Site N-6.8 is to be tendered in 2027. Comments on the draft investigation framework can be submitted until 05.01.2024. All information and documents can be found on the BSH website.