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Amendment of the site development plan: publication of the draft and the environmental reports

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Today, the BSH announced the publication of the draft site development plan and the environmental reports for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The amendment and update of the site development plan was announced on 17 December 2021. A preliminary draft and an extended preliminary draft of the site development plan were published and consulted. The current draft was developed on this basis. In the present update procedure, the procedure for amending the FEP 2020 (test site), which was initiated with the announcement of 17 September 2021, is being continued. The documents can be found on the BSH website. The BSH has fundamentally revised the content structure of the site development plan. The specifications are contained in Part I and the detailed justifications are presented in Part II.

With the announcement, the opportunity to comment on the documents is given. An additional online appointment will be held on Thursday, 15 September 2022.