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Standard Design – Minimum requirements concerning the constructive design of offshore structures within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – 1st update, Upgrade from 1 June 2021

Introduction of the 4th edition of the vgbe/BAW standard for corrosion protection

In a letter dated 03.07.2018, the BSH introduced the 3rd edition of the vgbe/BAW standard “Corrosion protection for offshore structures”, parts 1 to 3 for the procedures in the EEZ of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In the meantime, the standard has been revised and is available since 01.06.2023 in the 4th edition as vgbe/BAW standard “Corrosion Protection for Offshore Structures for the Utilization of Wind Energy”. The following parts were revised within the scope of the revision:

  • Part 1: General (VGBE-S-021-01-2023-05-DE)
  • Part 2: Requirements for Corrosion Protection Systems (VGBE-S-021-02-2023-05-DE)
  • Part 3: Application of Coating Systems (VGBE-S-021-03-2023-05-DE)

These are made available in German on the website of vgbe energy e.V. and BAW. An english version will be published soon.

Attention and consideration of the 4th edition is requested.