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Updating Process Site Development Plan: Publication of an extended preliminary draft and statements of the Federal Network Agency and the Transmission System Operators

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The BSH announced the initiation of the procedure to amend and update the land development plan on 17 December 2021.

In a letter dated 6 April 2022, the Federal Network Agency sent the BSH a statement on the possible implementation of the draft of a second law amending the Wind Energy at Sea Act and other regulations, which was adopted by the Federal Cabinet on 6 April 2022 with regard to the grid connection points required by 2031. In addition, the transmission system operators submitted comments on the respective planning statuses discussed dated 4 March 2022 and 21 March 2022.

Against this background, the BSH has prepared an extended preliminary draft for the amendment and update of the Site Development Plan. The extended preliminary draft and the comments from the Federal Network Agency and Transmission System Operators are available on the BSH website.

Today’s announcement gives the opportunity to comment on the published documents until 05 May 2022.